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Bathaei Javareshk, Maryam; Watkins, Matthew; Hayes, Stephen Clive // 2023
Engineering education primarily applies scientific and mathematic principles in order to research and develop applied solutions for technical problems, whilst research methodology refers to the ...


Ito, Akira; Taoka, Yuki; Saito, Shigeki // 2023
In order to develop innovative products or services, it is essential to understand users to identify their latent needs. The main goal of user research is to gain insights into user lives. Insight in ...

Evolution of Innovation in Industry Life cycles: A Complex Network Perspective

Padhee, Soumyakant; Heydari, Babak // 2023
t to trace. Innovation measured by patent-citation networks (PCN) cannot be estimated solely by quantity, whereas quality-adjusted quantity measurements are still prone to bias. Our paper complement ...

Examining the boundary between near and far design stimuli

Kwon, Elisa; Goucher-Lambert, Kosa // 2023
External sources of inspiration can promote the discovery of new ideas as designers ideate on a design task. Data-driven techniques can increasingly enable the retrieval of inspirational stimuli ...


Hoftijzer, J. // 2023
This paper addresses the evaluation of the quality of a ‘Design-for-Do-It-Yourself’ framework by running a series of experiments and using questionnaires for both numerical assessment and open ...

Explicit Annotated 3D-CNN Deep Learning of Geometric Primitives Instances

Hilbig, Arthur;Holtzhausen, Stefan;Paetzold, Kristin // 2023
In reengineering technical components, the robust automation of reverse engineering (RE) could overcome the need for human supervision in the surface reconstruction process. Therefore, an enhanced ...

Exploring the impact of generative stimuli on the creativity of designers in combinational design

Wang, Da (1); Han, Ji (2) // 2023
The ideation process has a significant impact on the initial concept generation and final product creativity of the design. Visual stimuli play an important role in the process of innovative product ...

Extracting latent needs from online reviews through deep learning based language model

Han, Yi (1); Bruggeman, Ryan (1); Peper, Joseph (2); Ciliotta Chehade, Estefania (1); Marion, Tucker (1); Ciuccarelli, Paolo (1); Moghaddam, Mohsen (1) // 2023
Aspect-based sentiment analysis (ABSA) provides an opportunity to systematically generate user's opinions of specific aspects to enrich the idea creation process in the early stage of product/service ...

Feature-based method to formalise additive manufacturing related data at the mesoscale based on a mereotopological description

Douin, Chloe (1);Gruhier, Elise (1);Kromer, Robin (2);Christmann, Olivier (3);Perry, Nicolas (1) // 2023
Research on additive manufacturing has highlighted methods and guidelines to optimise the design process and improving finished product quality. There is still room for improvement in making AM as ...

File format selection for efficient digital process chains in additive manufacturing

Krueckemeier, Slim; Anderl, Reiner; Schleich, Benjamin // 2023
Selecting a suitable file format for data exchange in additive manufacturing is fundamental when designing these digital process chains. Within the scope of this investigation, alternatives to the ...

Four Patterns of Data-Driven Design Activities in New Product Development

Lee, Boyeun; Ahmed-Kristensen, Saeema // 2023
In the midst of Industry 4.0 where digitalisation is stimulated through the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and machine learning technologies, an increasing volume of valuable data has been ...

Framework for Comparison of Product Carbon Footprints of Different Manufacturing Scenarios

Winter, Sven; Quernheim, Niklas; Arnemann, Lars; Anderl, Reiner; Schleich, Benjamin // 2023
The Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) has been established over the last few years as a new control variable in product design to quantify the sustainable impact of a product. However, the calculation ...

From haptic interaction to design insight: An empirical comparison of commercial hand-tracking technology

Cox, Christopher Michael Jason; Hicks, Ben; Gopsill, James; Snider, Chris // 2023
Advancements in prototyping technologies – haptics and extended reality – are creating exciting new environments to enhance stakeholder and user interaction with design concepts. These interactions ...

From sketches to graphs: A deep learning based method for detection and contextualisation of principle sketches in the early phase of product development

Bickel, Sebastian;Goetz, Stefan;Wartzack, Sandro // 2023
The digitalization trend is finding its way more and more into product development, resulting in new frameworks to enhance product engineering. An integral element is the application of new ...


Chen, Cheng; Carroll, Cody; Morkos, Beshoy // 2023
Smart manufacturing enterprises rely on adapting to rapid engineering changes while minimizing the generated risk. Making informed decisions related to engineering changes and managing risks against ...

Function driven assessment of manufacturing risks in concept generation stages

Brahma, Arindam (1);Panarotto, Massimo (1);Kipouros, Timoleon (2);Isaksson, Ola (1);Andersson, Petter (3);Clarkson, P. John (2) // 2023
Decisions made in the concept generation phase have a significant effect on the product. While product-related risks typically can be considered in the early stages of design, risks such as supply ...

GitHub for product development -- How could that look like?

Hackenberg, Georg; Zehetner, Christian; Frühwirth, Dominik // 2023
Product development is facing new challenges due to increasingly complex and individualized products in small batch sizes and short time to markets at high quality standards. Integrated product data ...

How do prototypes change? Characterising quantitative and qualitative changes between prototype iterations

Real, Ricardo; Snider, Chris; Goudswaard, Mark; Hicks, Ben // 2023
Prototyping strategies and technology often focus on reducing the fabrication time and cost between design iterations, however, there is limited knowledge about the specific characteristics of change ...

Identification and Retrieval of Relevant Information for Instantiating Digital Twins during the Construction of Process Plants

Layer, Max (1);Neubert, Sebastian (1);Tiemann, Lea (1);Stelzer, Ralph (2) // 2023
While volume-driven industries such as automotive are characterized by a high degree of data backflow across all production cycles, there is still a certain residue in the planning and construction ...

Identifying successful approaches during testing activities in engineering design

Liewerenz, Oliver; Grauberger, Patric; Nelius, Thomas; Matthiesen, Sven // 2023
Testing activities to gain specific design knowledge play an essential role in engineering design, when a structure needs to be developed, for which knowledge from analytical models or documentation ...

Implications of EU instruments on company capabilities to design more sustainable solutions–Product Environmental Footprint and Digital Product Passport

Lövdahl, Josefin (1); Hallstedt, Sophie I. (1,2); Schulte, Jesko (1) // 2023
In the EU, initiatives with concrete instruments for measuring and storing sustainability-related product data are now introduced in legislation. Based on literature review and semi-structured ...

Integrating Sensors in Products: A New Tool for Design Education

Briard, Tristan (1,2); Jean, Camille (1); Aoussat, Améziane (1); Véron, Philippe (2) // 2023
This paper present a pedagogical tool to address a lack of creative approach in traditional education on embedded sensors. The tool is built in a systematic way from the data sheet information of a ...


Taverna, Andrea; Manciaracina, Andrea; Cipriani, Laura; Mattioli, Francesca // 2023
Innovation of didactic is an increasingly strategic goal for universities to equip students with the right competencies for modern and complex challenges and for continuously changing working ...

Investigating the process, design outputs and neurocognitive differences between prototyping activities with physical and digital Lego

McClenaghan, Adam; Goudswaard, Mark; Hicks, Ben // 2023
Design neurocognition is an emerging research area that can provide insights into the black box of designers’ cognitive processes. However, work to date has focused on neurocognition on its own, ...

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  • +design -community
    Find rows that contain the word “design” but not “community”.
  • +design ~community
    Find rows that contain the word “design”, but if the row also contains the word “community”, rate it lower than if row does not.
  • +design +(>community <decisions)
    Find rows that contain the words “design” and “community”, or “design” and “decisions” (in any order), but rank “design community” higher than “design decisions”
  • design*
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