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Pilot Study Understanding Students’ Perceptions of Failure in Product Design

Lauff, Carlye Anne (1); Friesen, Alexis (1); Menold, Jessica (2) // 2023
Failure is part of the design process, and yet there is limited knowledge around how product design students perceive failure in their work. This pilot study aims to understand how a small sample ...

Problems: easy to say but difficult to write

Giordano, Vito (1,3); Consoloni, Marco (1,3); Chiarello, Filippo (1,3); Fantoni, Gualtiero (2,3) // 2023
Patents are an invaluable source of data that can be beneficial for Engineering Design (ED). Patenting is one of the main means for disclosing the inventive process. For this reason, the description ...

Product Life Cycle Management with Digital Twins for Product Generation Development

Arnemann, Lars; Winter, Sven; Quernheim, Niklas; Schleich, Benjamin // 2023
Digital Twins are virtual representations of a product-service-instance and, as a technology, represent an important part of the realization of Industry 4.0. They manage data of the associat-ed ...

Proposal for a simulation method to determine the intraoperative torque load for pedicle screws with cellular functional areas

Franz Leonard Martin, Alexander Seidler, Kristin Paetzold-Byhain // 2023
Due to an ageing population and increased sedentary work, many back problems exist. Severe cases have to be stiffened by surgical therapies with screw-rod systems. However, due to the complex ...

Proposal of Cluster Analysis Method for Products Considering Exploration and Exploitation in Engineering Design

Okamoto, Masahiro; Murakami, Tamotsu // 2023
It is important for organizations to balance exploration and exploitation in order to respond quickly and sustainably to the needs of society and users in a rapidly changing business environment. ...

Reliability Analysis for Sensor Networks and their Data Acquisition: A Systematic Literature Review

Meyer zu Westerhausen, Sören; Schneider, Jannik; Lachmayer, Roland // 2023
The use of sensor networks (SNs) on the surface or the inside of large-scale components allows the continuous acquisition of data on the applied loads and their structural integrity. A lot of ...

Requirements for a Smart Product-Service System Development Framework

Paliyenko, Yevgeni (1); Heinz, Daniel (2); Schiller, Christian (3); Tüzün, Gregory-Jamie (1); Roth, Daniel (1); Kreimeyer, Matthias (1) // 2023
Nowadays, companies operate in increasingly competitive and dynamic markets with fast-changing customer needs. Simultaneously, major advances are being made in information and communication ...

Selection of Model Approaches and Modelling Methods for Lifetime Prognosis

Bauer, Robin Steve;Inkermann, David // 2023
Lifetime prognoses are fundamentally important to improve products regarding safety, costs, availability and sustainability. To modelling the lifetime of a system or its components and subsystems ...

Sensing In-Situ temperatures by coordinates in Fused Filament Fabrication for identifying interlayer anisotropic mechanical properties and enabling post-FEM analysis

Amlie, Erik; Fylling, Emil; Eikevåg, Sindre Wold; Nesheim, Ole S.; Steinert, Martin; Elverum, Christer W. // 2023
In Additive Manufacturing (AM), new generations of polymer composites presented as engineering- grade materials provide high-end mechanical properties with the design freedom AM provides. Interlayer ...

Solving tomorrow's design challenges requires new tools for large world decision-making

Ferguson, Scott (1); Drobac, Kye (1); Bryden, Kenneth M. (2) // 2023
Engineering design research has largely focused on normative models of decision analysis based on small world causal frames where uncertainty can be resolved as probabilities or probability ...

Structure-based Similarity Searches for Improving Component Repetition in Plant Engineering

Lorenz Kruger (1), Bernhard Saske (2), Sebastian Schwoch (2), Kristin Paetzold-Byhain (2) // 2023
In plant engineering, all products are unique. Nevertheless, it should be possible to find and reuse as many repeat parts as possible. Existing search tools in PDM systems are not suitable for this ...


Winfield, Karen Elizabeth; Woolley, Joshua; Bradley, Elliot George; Pope, Daisy Victoria; Yakar-Pritchard, Gamze; Drummond, Sean James; Meadwell, James Edward; Williams, Rowan Alexander; Mutch, Craig Alexander Robert // 2023
Product designers are being increasingly challenged to innovate, whilst also having the responsibility to reduce the impact on the planet of the products they design. This paper explores and tests ...


Georgiev, Georgi V.; Milara, Iván Sánchez; Soomro, Sohail Ahmed; Casakin, Hernan; Nanjappan, Vijayakumar // 2023
Education in digital fabrication design is characterized by an active learning environment in which ideas are developed into prototypes. The manner in which design activities are carried out, the ...

Systematic optimisation process for an eBike Drive Unit in a highly variable environment

Steck, Marco (1,2); Husung, Stephan (2); Hassler, Julien (1) // 2023
Drive units of eBikes are used in every type of bicycle and for different riding scenarios and riders. Due to the different riders and bike types, an enormous variety of influencing parameters and ...

Text mining of resilient objects absorbing change and uncertainty

Panarotto, Massimo (1); Giordano, Vito (2); Chiarello, Filippo (2); Brahma, Arindam (1); Alonso Fernández, Inigo (1); Fantoni, Gualtiero (2) // 2023
The current ways of coping with uncertainty such as changes during product design or use have been through methods such as easy restructuring (e.g., modularity with buffer in interface definition), ...

The Heterogeneity of Industrial Design Higher Education

Hagins, Carly; Bush, Benjamin; Paepcke-Hjeltness, Verena // 2023
In 2021, three professors began to ask the question: If diversity benefits the design profession, and the design profession is fed by design schools, how diverse are the faculty who educate the ...

The Influence of Representation on System Interpretation: A Search for Most Common Set Partitions

Murphy, Alexander R. (1); Patel, Apurva R. (1); Zorn, Stefan (2); Gericke, Kilian (2); Summers, Joshua D. (1) // 2023
During engineering design, different representations are used to convey information about a systems' components, functionality, spatial layout, and interdependencies. These varying representations ...

The relationship between Product Architecture and Innovation: A Study through Design of Motorcycles

Chandra, Sushil // 2023
How does the quantity and quality of innovation in an organization vary with the architecture of the product that the organization produces is a recurring theme in literature. This paper attempts to ...

The Role of Storytelling as an Analytical Tool in Scientific Research

Singh, Vishal; Tomar, Reet // 2023
This paper reports the preliminary findings from ongoing research on the potential role of storytelling as an analytical framework in assessing a research project. It is noted that most existing ...

The T-Shaped Design Engineer – using cohorts to explore how skills profiles differ through career stages

Dekoninck, Elies; Bridge, Liam // 2023
The T-Shaped designer has previously been identified as a design engineer with the desirable set of skills for a successful career. Twelve design engineers ranging from novice to expert, were ...


De La O Campos, José Rodrigo; Güemes Castorena, David // 2023
Three potential problems in executing human-centered design (HCD) in an academic environment are (i) lack of sensibility and empathy during ethnographic research, (ii) miss interpretation of ...


Saavedra Gastelum, Veronica; Gonzalez Almaguer, Carlos Alberto; Gonzalez De Cosio Barron, Arturo; Muciño García, Lourdes Jazmin; Zubieta Ramírez, Claudia // 2023
In the 2015 strategic plan, the mission of Tecnológico de Monterrey is to train people of integrity and ethics with a humanistic vision and to be internationally competitive in their professional ...

Towards realistic numerical modelling of thin strut-based 3D-printed structures

Dash, Satabdee; Nordin, Axel // 2023
The as-built geometry and material properties of parts manufactured using Additive Manufacturing (AM) can differ significantly from the as-designed model and base material properties. These ...

Understanding the challenges around design activities that incorporate behavioral data.

Gomez Ortega, Alejandra; Bourgeois, Jacky; Kortuem, Gerd // 2023
Recently, methods and approaches such as Participatory Data Analysis, Data-Enabled Design, and Contextual Inquiry have highlighted how design activities can benefit from behavioral data. This data ...

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  • +design ~community
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