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Claesson, A.; Gedell, S. // 2003


Gero, J. S.; Kannengiesser, U. // 2003


Clarkson, P. J.; Dong, H.; Keates, S. // 2003

A Design Process for Complex Mechanical Structures Using Property Based Models, with Application to Car Bodies

Bylund, N.; Fredericson, H.; Thompson, G. // 2002
The design of complex mechanical structures is multi-objective and includes the treatements of a wide range of requirements such as quantitative, qualitative, subjective and objective. An example of ...

A Methodology Supporting the Preparation of 3D-CAD Data for Design Reviews in VR

Graf, H.; Brunetti, G.; Stork, A. // 2002
In recent years a range of different VR applications have been developed for the purposes of design review and analysis. The typical data source for a design review of complex models using VR ...

A Software Tool for Observation and Analysis of Design Activity

Bender, B.; Kammerer, U.; Pietzcker, F.; Blessing, L. T. M.; Hacker, W. // 2002
For identification of successful design strategies we observe individual heuristics of experienced professional designers within a cross sectional laboratory study. To cope with some typical problems ...

Application of Methods from Social Sciences in Design Research

Bender, B.; Reinicke, T.; Wünsche, T.; Blessing, L. T. M. // 2002
In many engineering publications on approaches to support design activity, there is little evidence of use of valid empirical data. Proposals often rely on single findings, on assumptions or on ...

Building the Design Observatory: a Core Instrument for Design Research

Carrizosa, K.; Eris, Ö.; Milne, A.; Mabogunje, A. // 2002
The "observe-analyse-intervene" method allows a complex system to be perturbed to deepen understanding and reveal hidden assumptions. Historically we have collected analogue audio and video ...

Colibri - A Collaborative Design System for Product Data Integration

Kleiner, S.; Anderl, R.; Gräb, R. // 2002
An extended parametric information model is presented in order to integrate product data based on parameters and constraints for design process reasons. Constraints represent parametric relations ...

Context Indicators for Determining Links Between Design Ideas

van der Lugt, R.; van der Graaf, A. // 2002
Linkography [Goldschmidt 1995] is a promising method for analyzing idea generation processes. Whren using linkography, the researcher limits him- or herself to assessing whether there is sufficient ...

Design of Digital Graphic System

Nježic, Zoran; Žiljak, Vilko; Pap, Klaudio // 2002
In this work, design of graphic procedures is analised, in dependance on obstructions in production line. By quantitative determination of work ammount that is a reason for the lack of speed and job ...

Designers' Involvement in Designing

Glock, F. // 2002
In the paper designing is conceived as a social, interactive process of interpretation and meaning construction. Sociological concepts are adopted to describe how designers build meaning through ...

Digital Space Design with the Applicable Database of Interactive Avatar Behavior

Ku, B.-C.; Kim, Y.-S.; Lee, B.-C. // 2002
The presence of the digital space has a considerable effect on the whole of the society and culture, and is now being risen as a medium which has an upcoming infinite expandability. As human is the ...

Environmental Assessment - Gotten Across to Industrial Designers

Bey, N. // 2002
This paper deals with a simplified method for environmental assessment for designers, the Oil Point Method (OPM). The paper explains characteristics of the method, such as the reduced problem with ...

Forming a Base for a Manufacturing System Design and Evaluation Method

Karlsson, A. // 2002
In this paper, a base for a manufacturing system design and evaluation method is proposed. The main goal within the project is to create a method that addresses important aspects with manufacturing ...

Integrated Design in the Operating Room: Review and Analysis of Medical Product Development

Smith, S. L.; Mockford, R. A.; Young, R. A. // 2002
The multi-phase research programme ‘Integrated Design in the Operating Room’ aims to improve the integration and usability of operating room equipment. This paper focuses on a review and analysis of ...

Integrated Engineering Environment

Bojcetic, N.; Štorga, M.; Marjanovic, D. // 2002
Today’s major industrial challenge in computer-supported product development is to establish corporate development across enterprises. Corporative distributed product development and engineering ...

Modelling the Relation Network in the Integrated Product and Design Process Model

Pavkovic, N.; Bojcetic, N.; Marjanovic, D. // 2002
The aim of this paper is to consider criteria for classifying the relations in engineering data structures. Some methods of modelling the network of relationships in the object-oriented environment ...

Multiple Environmental Benchmark Data Supporting Ecodesign in Both Industry and Academia

Boks, C.; Stevels, A. // 2002
For many years Philips Consumer Electronics and Delft University of Technology have cooperated to balance and bridge scientific theory and methodology development regarding sustainability issues with ...

New Surface Fitting Approach in Reverse Engineering of Sheet Metal Parts

Campana, F.; Gerbino, S.; Renno, F. // 2002
The paper is focused on surface reconstruction techniques, developed to enhance the capability of a measurement system set up for analysing sheet-metal parts.
It presents an alternative technique to ...

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